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Here at ATX HackerSpace, we're big on communication - between members, with other hackerspaces - and with the wider community in Austin and beyond.

  1. Mailing Lists - We maintain mailing lists for announcements, for our members to communicate, and an open mailing list that anyone can join.
  2. IRC - There is an IRC chat server channel dedicated to us.
  3. Wiki - We maintain an active (and growing) Wiki for all group and member activities.
  4. Events - We have regular live events, there is something going on at the space on most days of the week.
  5. Members' Blogs and Websites - Many of our members have their own blogs, Wiki's and other kinds of web presence.
  6. Membership List - Many members have additional information on their Wiki user page.
  7. Twitter - We send out tweets to let you know what's current

The navigation box over on the right of this page lists all of the communications channels that we maintain. Additionally, you can email our officials and some of our individual members who have chosen to post their details here.

Board of Directors [edit]

Title Role Name WikiUser Email Picture
Executive Director Fearless leader Gardner Williams Zephyr256k
Director of Operations Taskmaster Christopher McLaughlin Daetilus
Director of Administration Secretary Marshall Vaughan Amishacker YMMV
Director of Finance Accounting Martin Bogomolni Martinbogo Martinb.jpg
Director of Human Resources Ombudsman Matt Mancuso MattMancuso
Director of Education Dean Chad Franke Cfranke ATHS DoE.jpg
Director of Facilities Shop-boss Tim Fredlund Ethosrot Ethosrot profile.png
Entire board Public contact All-the-board!
Entire Co-Op All-the-hacker!