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2013 Course List
3D Printing
ATX Hackerspace 101 Class
Urban Exploration
Apollo - a solar generator
Basic and advanced Arduino
Basic Bartending
Web Development
Course creation in Moodle
Creating Corsets
Hack Eats
Ham Cram
How to use a transistor
Intro to shell
Laser Cutter Class
Leather and Lace Laser Class
Surface mount soldering class
Online Tutorials
Editing the Wiki
PCB Engraving 101
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ATXHS Course List


Below you will find a list of the offerings of the hackerspace. There are not yet firm rules in place about all the finer points of classes in general, but in the meantime we still plan to do some awesome and fun stuff!

For a complete list of events and classes, check out our calendar.

Class cost may change, the most current class cost is on the ATXHS store.


Online tutorials