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Membership Meeting - Wed, 4/20/2016, 7:30 - 8:00 pm

Location: 9701 Dessau Rd #304, Austin TX 78754


The CNC Router proposal from last meeting carries over:

This proposal is vote on one of 3 options.

1. Convert back to the original setup w/ Mach 3. I used it under Danny's supervision for 25+ hrs with no problems, with both 2d and 3d carving. It was also converted back to the original setup less then an hour. Certification for training new trainers would be under Danny. I am also willing to teach classes on toolpathing and modeling in Fusion360, which we already have installed on the lab computers and should be used for standardization. For future setup, allow Danny 2 days a week to transition to the upgrade, LinuxCNC. The other 5 days a week be available for use to members trained.

2. Buy our own CNC. I'd be down to kick in for $500 towards this project.

3. Build our own. Plans to build a 5x10 CNC. Riley would lead the build. BOM would be ~$3500 in parts funded by the hackerspace and/or members.


  • Social Media / PR chair - should we elect or appoint another one ?
  • Should we have an Events Committee separate from the PR / Social Media chair to organize Maker Faire and similar ?
  • Cleaning up and sprucing up the space
    • Volunteers to paint the front area, need it to be taped
    • Can we rent a carpet cleaner and steam clean the carpets
    • Does someone want to volunteer to fix the mirror in the bathroom
    • Should we re-institute the MOOP Committee to keep the space clean ?
  • Status update on CNC Router
  • Status Update on Lounge Computers
    • A member as volunteered to help set up an imaging system using FOG
  • Status Update on panel saws
  • Status Update on giant smoker
  • Status Update on Clicker Presses
  • Tool Committee Status update
    • Status of desoldering iron purchase
    • General cleanup Tuesdays
    • Shop cleanup Fridays
  • Shop Re-organization
    • Some members feel tools are arranged inefficiently
    • Saw Stop and Dust collector
  • Is there a better "Hack Shelf" policy we could have to contain donated / abandoned issues ?
  • We need "build nights" for the following projects:
    • a hosted Voxel from
    • the Ultimaker
    • the X-Carve upgrade to the Shapeoko



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