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Membership Meeting - Wed, 1/20/2016, 7:30 - 8:00 pm

Location: 9701 Dessau Rd #304, Austin TX 78754


  • None


  • Board Election coming up for some positions. We switched from being an LLC to LLC-CoOp, Dec 4th, 2012.
    • Board members now serve for one year. Descriptions of the positions are in the original announcement :
    • Director of Human Resources ( Currently held by Matt Mancuso ) term expires 12/04/2015
      • Primary contact regarding member needs, both positive and negative
      • Directs membership drives, public relations, recruiting, and staffing
      • Coordinates w/ special visitors, plans tours, and ‘fun’ activities
      • Develops policies for member safety, welfare, wellness and health
    • Director of Finance ( Currently held by Martin Bogomolni ) term expires 12/04/2015
      • Manages the financial resources of the company, future resource planning, bank accounts
      • Maintains the Budget, disburses funds, accepts payments
      • Files taxes, and prepares and supervises financial reports
    • Director of Operations ( Currently held by Chris McLaughlin ) term expires 01/29/2016
      • Plans, and coordinates the operations and activities of the co-op
      • Establish and implement co-op goals, procedures and policies
      • Develops and executes new hackerspace services from start to finish
    • Director of Facilities ( Currently held by Tim Fredlund ) term expires 02/01/2016
      • Infrastructure chief, in charge of tool acquisition and facility management
      • Safety inspector, responsible for policies regarding facility access
      • Maintains a safe, clean, and useable work environment for the membership



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