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Membership Meeting - Wednesday, 9/24/2016, 2:00 pm

Location: 9701 Dessau Rd #304, Austin TX 78754




  • Treasure's Report
  • Review of Clean-up day
  • Board Position Election - Dean of Education
    • Presentation : Martin B.
    • Presentation : Jon I.
    • Presentation : Hisako P.
  • Board Position Election - Director of Facilities
    • Presentation : Brady G.
    • Presentation : Danny M.
    • Presentation : Dimitry
  • Board Position Election - Director of Administration
    • Presentation : Colin H.
  • Lease / Expansion Status
  • VCarve / CAM class
  • Committee Operation (Director of Operations)
    • Announced Meetings, any member can attend
    • Minimum 3 members
    • Minutes on wiki
    • Failure to meet for 1 month, committee is defunct
    • Required to exercise any control over our common resources (physical items, or a donation collection)


  • Break area continued build-out : Martin B.
    • Large format CNC is up and running. I volunteer to design modern plywood cabinetry for the kitchen.
    • Retain current IKEA sink, add cabinetry or shelving over it to store dishes et. al.
    • Need people with basic woodworking experience to assemble / stain cabinetry once cut
    • Simple L-Shaped area with room for the basics - countertops, microwave, cabinetry
    • ~ $300-500 in material, less if we can second-source the material for the countertop


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